You should report a claim to your insurance company as soon as reasonably possible.  The following phone numbers are direct lines to company claims representatives and are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Some companies also provide for online claim reporting and links to their pages are listed below.  Have your policy number ready when reporting a claim:

Erie Insurance Company:                             800-367-3743   Erie Online Claim Reporting                

New York Central Insurance Company      888-234-6926   NYCM Online Claim Reporting

A Central Insurance Company                     866-222-2242   A-Central Online Claims Reporting

American Modern Insurance Company      800-375-2075   American Modern Claim Reporting

Progressive Insurance Company                800-776-4737   Progressive Online Claim Reporting  

Midstate Mutual Insurance Company          800-826-8520   Midstate Mutual Claim Reporting

The Hartford Insurance Company               800-243-5860   Hartford Online Claim Reporting

Adirondack Insurance Exchange                 877-365-8693   Adirondack Online Claim Reporting

Foremost Insurance Company                    800-527-3907   Foremost Online Claims

Sterling Insurance Company                        800-462-4661

Wayne Cooperative Insurance Company   800-724-1648